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Umar Abdullah Textiles was established in 1987 based in Pakistan in order to meet the ever increasing world wide demand for the supply of competitively priced, quality home textiles. From the

birth of Umar Abdullah Textiles till now, the production capacity increases by leaps and bounds. We have a strong background in textile engineering and have the know how to produce technically specific textile products to meet your requirements


Our Dish Cloth Range

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Dish Cloths

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Wash Cloths

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Cotton Heavy Dish Cloths

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Heavy Duty Dish Cloths

Our Towels Range

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Face Towels

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Bar Towels

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Hand Towels

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Bath Towels

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Kitchen Towels

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Bath Robs

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Beach Towels

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Terry Towel

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Tea Towels

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Jackarde Towels

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Dobby Towels

Our Mops Range

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Bar Mops

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String Mops

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Kentucky Mops

Our Dusters Range

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Heavy Duty Yellow Dusters

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Yellow Dusters

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Polishing Cloths

Quality Assurance

With the help of our well crafted Integrated Management System (IMS), we have implemented a system that puts quality inspections at every stage of the process that starts from receiving raw material, inline processes like knitting, cutting, stitching packing and dispatching. A separate Quality Control department exists and is strictly working to get best quality end products for the consumers. Quality inspections are conducted and confirmed at each and every step of the processing. Well trained quality inspectors make sure that only those production pieces make it through to the consumers that pass and comply with the International Standard’s requirements and our client’s requirements. Total customer satisfaction is what we get in return.


Production Capacity

Produces more than 250,000 Pcs/Day of Dish Cloth stitching in different sizes and about 150,000 Pcs/Day of Dusters

stitching in different sizes and has up to 3000 KG/Day of Knitting capacity in the unit


Global Shipment Services

Products can be delivered up to the warehouse making they experience of working with us completely

effortless on your part